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With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we have learned a thing or two about how to efficiently and effectively manage large-scale projects. Our team of talented individuals is the driving force behind our work, guiding projects with unwavering precision and dedication, and deploying the latest technologies to keep things on schedule and on budget. From civil engineering marvels to cutting-edge design-build projects, and from environmentally responsible remediation to meticulous general contracting, we offer a comprehensive suite of services. 

Civil Engineering

Seamair's civil contracting services encompass a wide range of infrastructure and site development projects. Our team of skilled civil engineers and designers is dedicated to creating sustainable, efficient and safe solutions for your civil engineering needs. From roads and bridges to utilities and land development, we excel in designing and managing projects that enhance communities and promote growth. Seamair Construction's commitment to innovative design and engineering expertise ensures that your civil engineering project will be completed with precision and care. excavation and grading, demolition, underground utilities, concrete work and general land preparation for any building project  We are certified under ISNetworld, Gold Shovel Standard and Veriforce to work on public utilities and government contracts.



Seamair Construction offers comprehensive design-build services, streamlining the construction process from concept to completion. Our expert team combines the talents of architects, engineers and builders to create a seamless, cost-effective approach to your project. With Design-Build, you'll benefit from cohesive project management, efficient communication and a single point of contact. Seamair Construction takes your vision and transforms it into reality, ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget, all while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Pre-Construction Consultation

General Contracting

Our general contracting services are the foundation of our reputation for excellence in the construction industry. Our experienced team takes pride in overseeing every aspect of your project, from planning and scheduling to procurement and on-site management. Whether it's a residential, commercial or federal project, we bring our expertise to the table to ensure successful project execution. Seamair Construction's commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that your project will be completed to your satisfaction.

Insulation Installation in Room

Environmental Remediation

Environmental responsibility is at the core of our environmental remediation services. We are dedicated to helping clients address environmental challenges, such as soil and groundwater contamination, hazardous materials removal and site restoration. Our team of specialists works closely with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance and to create environmentally friendly solutions. With a focus on sustainability and safety, Seamair Construction provides efficient and effective environmental remediation services, helping clients restore and revitalize contaminated sites while protecting our natural resources for future generations.

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